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Join the Ginger and Tonic ladies as they reinvent, strip back and inject their signature style into Australian songs that capture the beauty and downright fun of the Aussie spirit.

In Australian Treasures and Guilty Pleasures you will be treated to iconic Aussie rock anthems, the bubblegum pop hits that we all secretly love, as well as some of our most treasured stories from Australia’s greatest singer-songwriters.

Taking a break from the original songs and impertinent parodies that they have become so well known for in previous shows For Love or Money and the Green Room award-winning Desperate and Dateless, this time the Ginger and Tonic girls will be showcasing their exceptional talents in a tribute to the best of Australian music. It’s the Great Australian Songbook – Gingie style.

“Their great feel, inventive arrangements and wonderful voices make Ginger and Tonic one of the most exciting prospects in Australian a cappella for quite some time.”  - Nick Begbie (The Idea of North)

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