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The Ginger and Tonic gals are still struggling in love, but that's not going to stop them from being the awesome women that they are. They have big ideas - huge ideas - to make big bucks! Or do they...? Using their powerful voices and killer harmonies, this time the girls are pitching in more ways than one, hoping to find success in this dog-eat-dog world. Strap in for this musical masterclass in entrepreneurship as Jane, Steph, Burzie and Bec take you on a journey through their ambitions; from humble food dreams to embryo-freezing empires.

“These ladies are fantastic” - Tim Minchin

“Sublime comedic timing and brilliant voices to boot” – Out in Perth

“Sexy, sassy, slightly bogan a cappella at its shiniest and best” – We Know Melbourne

“Some of the most superb vocal skills you will ever encounter” – The Australia Times

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