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The Ginger and Tonic girls are at a loss as to why their relationships never work out – they're vivacious, outgoing and gorgeous, after all. They've played hard to get, easy to get, tried salsa classes and swiped right on Tinder. They've even tried just ‘being themselves’ and nothing seems to work. But every pot must have a lid, and these four determined, modern women won't stop until they find theirs.

Specialising in original songs as well as cheeky parodies, a cappella girl group Ginger and Tonic rely solely on their voices to create their unique sound. The four girls have their audiences transfixed with their superb harmonies, and leave them in stitches with their wicked humour.

“Laugh-out-loud hilarious” - Rip It Up

“Absolutely superb” - The Advertiser

“A whole lot of sass and a whole lot of laughs” - Theatre Press

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